Chenghao Ding (Click to download my resume)


  • Ph.D Student in Nuclear Engineering, GPA: 3.51/4.00
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign May 2022
  • Master of Science in Applied Statistics, GPA: 3.61/4.00
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign May 2020
  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering, GPA: 3.62/4.00
    Wuhan University July 2015
  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering, GPA: 3.75/4.00
    Hubei University of Science and Technology July 2013

Research & Publications

  • Semi-empirical global heat balance model for probabilistic extrapolations of global average temperature (Submitted to Earth System Dynamics.)


  • Programming:
    Python (proficient), R, TensorFlow, Keras, MATLAB, SQL
  • Platform:
    Hadoop, Spark, Linux/UNIX, Amazon Web Service
  • Data Science:
    Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, CatBoost, LightGBM, XGBoost
  • Machine Learning:
    Predictive Modeling, Computer Vision, Recommender Systems

Selected Courses

  • Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Data Science
    • STAT 542: Statistical Learning
    • STAT 578: Statistical Learning in Data Science
  • Statistics
    • STAT 400: Statistics and Probability I
    • STAT 410: Statistics and Probability II
    • STAT 425: Applied Regression and Design
    • STAT 429: Time Series Analysis
    • NPRE 498: Probabilistic Risk Assessment
    • NPRE 598: Advanced Risk Analysis
  • Online Courses
    • Deep Learning Specialization
    • Stanford University: Machine Learning
    • Princeton University: Algorithms, Part 1

For more details, please refer to my resume.